Shape the future with real chemistry

Advanced technology is characterized by being a powerful tool to solve real problems. Up to now, both Science and Technology have saved millions of lives. Even more, from our point of view, Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence should, not only save lives, but also improve them. In NANOMeM, our mission is to use Chemistry Design to build Technology inspired by nature. Human brain is our inspiration. The main goal of our work is to develop new materials for Neuromorphic Computing. Within our hybrid chips we combine high performance molecule-based materials with standard electronics to mimic the synaptic neural behavior.  


Why trusting us?


High Tech

Nanomem provides cutting-edge materials with application in bioinspired computing. Our expertise includes polymeric memristive materials, organic electronics and molecular spintronics.

Quality Control

Our materials and prototypes have been accurately characterized to offer a robust and reliable product.

Our Facilities

At our facilities we have the latest processing and characterizing technologies and we can validate any experimental synaptic proposal.

An Innovative Approach

Our work is strongly focused in applied research. We aim to transfer technology between academia and companies.

Institutions & Strategic Alliances